Hi, My name is Chi and I am one of the founder members of Revival Reggae Events which was set up in 2015.

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Thank you so much for joining us at Revivalreggaeevents.com and we hope that this site proves to be a reliable source of information and assists with any promotional or marketing needs required.


Our aim is to help the community in various types of way. An example would be that if you are a Dj who is playing at an event and would like another format to advertise your event then you can send the information by either going to the contact page or by sending it directly to info@revivalreggaeevents.com . This is just an example as you will see from the links that we have designs on other aspects to.


Don't be shy, let's talk business and see what we can do for you. This site has proved to reach out to the masses making them aware of events, dances, productions...you get the general idea? So, why not be part of it? contact / info@revivalreggaeevents.com

helping the community

Here at Revival Reggae Events we like to enlist the help of the community. So whether it's highlighting dance events, productions or young and upcoming talent we like to think that those trends have a platform here.